Oops! Is That Your C**k, Danny Dyer?

Cringe: EastEnders viewers found themselves confronted with a rather awkward optical illusion on Friday as it seemed Danny Dyer was exposing his manhood to the nation

It would be right to call Hollywood a world of miracles where anyone could do anything or be anything. Ask Danny Dyer of EastEnders about this.

TV fans of the entertaining EastEnders had jaws dropping after Danny was thought to have exposed his c**k in a shoot with Shirley Carter (played by Linda Henry).  The looks on Shirley’s face portrayed the scene as real rather than a play of optical illusions. Now we know how easy it is for the cameras to play tricks with our minds.

Viewers couldn’t stop expressing their unbelief.

Emotional scenes: The moment came as his on-screen alter ego, Mick Carter, discussed the ill health of his child while holding a teddy bear from its cot

The actual event in the movie played out as Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) was discussing his child’s ill-health. He was holding a teddy bear with protruding floppy legs. Coincidentally, the positioning of one of the teddy’s pink legs made it impossible for one to believe that wasn’t a c**k.

Sadly, it wasn't Danny's only involvement with a TV faux pas, this week. On Friday evening Gary Lineker was left red-faced when he stole Danny's lines from the autocue during Sport Relief

Looking at the size, shape and color, no one would be dumb to think otherwise.

For these twitter users, their opinions on the illusion created are best summarized as:

Twitter storm: Naturally, viewers took to social media to wax lyrical about the moment

Funny: One fan posted a screen grab with the caption 'emotional episode but very unfortunate angle', while another added 'the cameraman must be as drunk as Phil'

Don't look now! Adding further cringe factor is the fact that the two actors play mother and son in the long-running TV programme