Nicki Minaj celebrates 34th Birthday with sexiest Instagram pictures

Nicki Minaj turned 34 on December 8, and the famous singer celebrated her birthday with gratitude to fans. Posting some sexy photos on Instagram isn’t a bad way to show appreciation after all.

Meek Mill, Minaj’s 29-year-old boyfriend, is said to have shared a picturesque photo of the female rapper as they jetted out of the U.S. en route to Turks and Caicos.

“On a island wit a pretty lil hitta on her bday,” he captioned Nicki’s provocative pictures on Dec. 8, 2016. What a perfect bikini body!

“Lord, I thank you for another year of life,” Nicki Minaj captioned a photo of herself relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Turks and Caicos during the vacation.

“#TurksAndCaicos birthday vibes. Thanks for the you guys. Right back atcha.”

The curvy singer was on a romantic get-away with her rapper boyfriend, Mill.

“I’m not engaged yet.… He said that my third ring would be my engagement ring,” Minaj shared with Nylon Magazine when asked about her marriage plans.

“But sometimes he calls me his fiancee, and I’m always trying to stop him, like, ‘Nope! I ain’t got that third ring yet!’

“We’re just taking it one step at a time. And, you know, if that happens, if I get married, then I’ll have a child, and that’ll be fun, because I can’t wait to hold my baby.”

The female rapper who just released her latest album “The Pinkprint,” is reportedly busy with her acting career.

Minaj will feature as Draya in “Barbershop: The Next Cut.”

“I wanted there to be a little bit of depth to Draya,” she shared about the character.

“I didn’t want her just to be, you know, an Instagram thot; I wanted her to have some sort of purpose and meaning.”

Nicki Minaj knows how to feel herself, and guess what! She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her.

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