Chinese man unknowingly used a hand grenade to break walnuts for 25 years

If there are a million and one persons who have missed death by a whisker, this Chinese man is surely one of them. He used a hand grenade to smash walnuts for 25 years but was lucky to be alive till date.

The man  said he was shocked to learn that his life had been on a time bomb all those years.


According to local media reports, the lucky man is from Shaanxi province, a location in the north western part of China.

CCTV identified him as Ran from Ankang.

Speaking to reporters in an interview Ran said he has used the deadly device to break walnuts for 25 years but added that he gained knowledge from a leaflet which suggested his nutcracker could be a bomb.

The Shaanxi man said he read a safety leaflet which displayed an object like his tool as a bomb, so he stopped using it.

Ran smartly reported his suspicious tool to the police, and further investigations confirmed the walnut smasher was capable of exploding.

A description of the hand grenade says it doesn’t have a pin and may have been manufactured in the 60s.

The nutcracker was a gift he received way back in 1991. “A Greek gift,” you might say.

Ran didn’t mention which of his friends gave him the “souvenir”.

It was definitely the walnuts that saved his life. Don’t you think he’d be so ungrateful to ever harm those vitamin-packed nuts forever?