NBA Star Campaigns Against North Carolina LGBT Law.

Stephen Curry has spoken against North Carolina‘s discriminatory laws against LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender]. The Golden State Warriors star spoke with AP (The Associated Press) in an interview recently.

Image: Stephen Curry

The 2-time NBA Most Valuable Player said he is disappointed to see sporting events withdrawn from his home state of North Carolina all for the sake of the controversial anti-LGBT law which the media outlets are speculating, could result to discrimination and riots at the games.

Stephen, 28, called on lawmakers to hasten legal processes that will guarantee a permanent change to the widely criticized “bathroom bill”.

In his opinion, the Ohio-born star advised that actions should be taken immediately to avoid a repeat of more disappointing cancelations which may follow the NBA’s All-Star game and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

In his words: “I think it’s unfortunate for our city and our state to be under the microscope with HB2 and how it’s unfolded.

“I’m all for equal and fair rights and treatment for everybody. Until it gets addressed, until some changes are made, this could be a recurring theme in North Carolina. I don’t want that happen.”

Stephen continues: “The All-Star Game has been moved, the NCAA Tournament, things that would bring so much joy and support to the city, mainstay events. But I think it’s a conversation that will continue until changes are made.

“I don’t have any answers as to how that will happen, but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.”

The controversial North Carolina laws was reportedly signed by Republican Governor Pat McCrory earlier this year.

According to the law, all transgender people are required to use public restrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certifcates. Schools and government buildings were not excluded.

The law overruled Charlotte’s approval of an anti-discrimination ordinance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people at hotels, restaurants and retailers, reports say.

Earlier in June, Selena Gomez canceled her scheduled performance in North Carolina due to the controversy surrounding the LGBT laws. However, she later changed her mind to proceed, offering to donate all proceeds in the fight for sexual freedom.

Bruce Springsteen, Maroon 5, 98 Degrees and Demi Lovato took a step further and canceled their shows in the state.

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