Rhyming With Nature.

Whether we are warming up for spring; or struggling to get a release from the cold embrace of winter; we’re glad to know the sun won’t be shy anymore. And the clouds won’t be dull as before.

We’re thankful to God for showing us the beauty in nature. There is peace and harmony in everything around us.

We have every cause to give thanks to God for the honor to be alive. 

Though we are constantly deprived of our heart desires, we will survive and kiss good-bye to our pains as we edify Adonai.

In God we trust.

Some chose war and destruction; bringing desolation to the world.

Is destruction part of human nature? Does the constitution give us a disposition to destroy God’s work?

Show them a garden of tulips and see if there hearts won’t beat and bleep. We all need peace in a world filled with need and greed.

Look at the pictures and tell me you don’t love nature. Look at the colors and you’ll agree that nature is without censure.

If God gives without asking, why do we ask without giving? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we give peace a chance?

Look around you and tell me what you see. Order or chaos? Love or hate?

Nature gave us the answer we sought, not in our thoughts but in everything around us.

It gave us summer to dry our tears; gave us spring to grow and live above our fears; gave us autumn to shed our sorrowful past; and winter to revive our hopes for a better tomorrow.

*** The tulips in the pictures are from Nanning, capital of south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.