Mama Africa Is In Bad Mood (Viewer Discretion Advised).

Going through some web pages this night, I stumbled upon pictures of a “socialite” doing some bad things online for her admirers. Hmmm! I pity Mama Africa for blessing us with a cur** in the name of celeb.

Risper Faith – so they called her – is from Kenya. Does the name ring a bell? Maybe not.

According to  Gossip News, she had accepted Christ earlier in her life but the wind of change blew her back to her old ways. She’s selling everything womanhood stands for expecting (I don’t know what) in return.

May God save her soul again and again.

risper faith7

risper faith6

risper faith5

risper faith4

risper faith3

risper faith2

risper faith

Risper Kenya 1

risper kenya 2

risper Kenya 3

risper Kenya 4

risper faith 2015

risper faith 2015 2

risper faith 2015 3

risper faith 2015 4

Risper red line

Yuck! Is this what being a celeb is all about?

One thought on “Mama Africa Is In Bad Mood (Viewer Discretion Advised).

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