More Pictures from the Stone Elephant Lake

Stone Elephant Lake, located in Pujiang County, Chengdu city, is a national ecological demonstration area that has unique natural resources;

Stone Elephant Lake is a heaven for plants and animals to co-existence. It also presents a beautiful picture of the harmonious co-existence between man and nature. Chengdu Stone elephant Lake is a piece of the Land where city people look for physical and mental peace.

The Stone Elephant Lake is so named because of the Stone Elephant Temple, which houses the full figure of a stone elephant in the scenic area. includes sixteen scenic areas, such as Two Dragons Playing one Pearl, Fortune Approaching, Ancient Zither Terrace, Lawn of Spring, and so on.

Visitors entering The Stone Elephant Lake will immediately notice the sea of millions of flowers. It feasts visitors with the purest beauty and charm of all kinds of colorful flowers between mountains and rivers.

Stone Elephant Lake is a beautiful wonderland of water maze. The lake’s water is crystal clear, with a lot of twists and turns, it has a unique mysterious charm to visitors, usually they do not know the way back when they tour in a boat. It is like a natural “water maze.”

In addition to boat travel, there are hot-air balloon, grassland archery, bungee jumping, cable car viewing, tower tea house, bonfire, folk art performances, dancing and everything.