Kid Falls Out of a Moving Van

Safety should be a major concern for anyone who moves on wheels. It is not an exceptional job of the traffic police to watch over drivers and keep other road users safe.

In Suzhou, China, a grandfather was caught on camera in a deadly incident that could have killed his grandchild.

A dashboard cam recorded the moment when a kid flew out of a moving van but thanks to the next driver who avoided crushing the toddler. In a blink of an eye, the careful driver braked and rushed to pick up the child who was still strapped.

Thank goodness, the flying baby was not injured.

Worse still, the grandfather did not notice what had happened.

From the recorded video, he drove off after the traffic showed green. What a driver! No, what a grandfather! Only God knows what was going on in his mind at that moment with his boot flung open and his grandchild missing.

After his arrest, he told the police:

“I was waiting at the red light. After passing through the intersection a car began chasing after me and kept sounding the horn. The driver told me a kid fell out of my van. I looked back, parked my van on the side, and went back to search for my grandson.”