‘Michael the Black Man’ says Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ

A Donald Trump fanatic who is known as “Michael The Black Man” has taken front stage in American politics over the past weeks. He claims U.S. President Barack Obama is the antichrist.

Michael’s firm assertion about Obama being “The Beast”,  seem to hold much weight. It’s a claim that can’t be ignored with a wave of the hand.

This controversial guy has popped up seen on many occassions, campaigning for Trump at presidential rallies. And he does so, holding up a sign which reads “Blacks For Trump”.

Interestingly, it didn’t take an eagle eye to notice Michael The Black Man once again on Tuesday. He was sighted with his slogan just over Donald Trump’s left shoulder at his political rally in Sanford, Florida.

Though another excited middle-aged white woman sitting right beside him was also waving a placard with the same words as Michael’s, media reports voted “The Black Man” as Tuesday’s “real star”.

Image: Barack Obama

 According a report from MrConservative.com, Michael The Black Man has been displaying banners which read, “Obama Endorsed By The KKK” and “Blacks Against Obama”.

The Trump fanatic is making headlines by campaigning against the U.S. President Barack Obama and by extension, the Democratic party.

Michael, who claims Obama is the antichrist, has also been accused of belonging to a cult which has so much hate for the Democrats.

This is what we know about the controversial Trump supporter:

The now club promoter and yacht refurbisher – interesting career choices – has quite the storied past.  He was well on his way to becoming a career criminal back in the mid-eighties, having been arrested for petty theft and trespassing, among other charges.  About that time, he was recruited by Yahweh ben Yahweh, a cult leader and black supremacist preacher’s son.  The two were tied to seven separate murders, but Michael got acquitted.

His crazy didn’t stop there.  He commandeered an unlicensed radio station, which he used to profess his intense hatred of Democrats, whom he called “Demon-crats”.  He labeled them slave owners who were aligned with the KKK.  He even called for the black mayor of his home town to be set on fire.

Even after all this, Michael the Black Man fancies himself a messenger of God.  He states that when choosing a political candidate, he votes for God.  Presumably, this means he votes for the bigger Bible-thumper.  Michael, who likens child support to legal slavery, calls Obama “The Beast” and says he is the manifestation of an apocalyptic figure warned of in the Bible.  And don’t even get him started on Oprah, who he calls a “devil” and a “hell-bound Jezebel”. – Mr Conservative.

According to a report from the New York Magazine, a former member of the murderous Yahweh ben Yahweh cult, Michael has found himself with front-row seats to several recent Trump events in South Florida, always waving his “Blacks for Trump” sign and wearing a shirt that says “Trump & Republicans Are Not Racist.” At Tuesday’s rally in Sanford, Trump took notice. “I love the signs behind me. Blacks for Trump. I like those signs. Blacks for Trump. You watch. You watch. Those signs are great,” he said.

Hiphopwired.com quotes a report from Daily Intel:


This success with the GOP is a credit to Michael’s fervent anti-Obama stance, which is less about policy than Michael’s belief that the president, whom he calls “The Beast,” is the Antichrist whose rise was foretold in the Bible. Not that he doesn’t disapprove of Obama’s policies, too. Michael told the Miami New Times that he believes the president’s backing of child support could bring about the extinction of the free black man.