Fat Joe says former NBA Star almost killed him for a pair of Exclusive Sneakers

Fat Joe made a hilarious revelation in his recent interview, saying a former NBA player Mike Bibby put him in headlock after he tried taking off with the baller’s exclusive sneakers.

The “Terror Squad” member is well respected in rap music and he’s now a household name in sneaker business but it’s not that easy to forget the day he tried playing some tricks on his close friend.

Image: Fat Joe

Joe is also famous in NBA circles so it’s no suprise that he enjoys a solid relationship with Bibby, who’s known by many as “an alltime sneaker God”. They’ve been friends for years.

According to the revelation from Joe, it’s true that Jealous Ones Envy, but the “All I Need Is You” rapper says he only “admired” Bibby’s knicks and somehow needed a few pairs.

Slam Magazine reported that Joe told Sole Collector a true life story about how he visited Bibby with a duffle bad.

The rapper hatched plans of grabbing as many sneakers as possible because the NBA player’s home was filled up with exclusive pairs of sneakers like some limited Nike Jordan PEs – “including a few of those knicks made specially for Ray Allen and other NBA legends”.

Fat Joe knew those sneakers were the most valuable and rarest of shoes ever made but he needed them as a budding rapper. Besides, for a friend who should have known that the rapper is crazy about sneakers, that “robbery attack” shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

In Joe’s explanation, he simply got too excited with the stock of shoes in Bibby’s house.

In his words: “Mike Bibby’s my brother, he’s been my brother for 15 years.

“Nobody’s got more sneakers than Mike Bibby. That’s a fact. Mike Bibby has a house for sneakers. Fuck a room. A full fuckin’ house. A guest house. It’s just disgusting.”

And for showing up in Bibby’s house with “evil intentions”, things got awry between the two friends.

“Mike Bibby literally yoked me up,” says Fat Joe. “I think he had a drink or two that day, and he don’t really drink like that.”

Joe finally reveals what actually inspired him to action.

Image: Mike Bibby

He continues: “He’s been inviting me to his house for 15 years, and I when I go up in there, you know how we do, I’m coming in there with the duffel bag.”

Joe, whose discography consists of ten albums, twenty-two singles and lots of collaborations, said Bibby went crazy after realizing he was about to lose his most prized footwears.

The NBA star allegedly grabbed Joe by the neck and dragged the rapper to his car. That was Bibby’s last option to get back a bag full of “stolen goods”.

According to the report, both guys settled their little problems and are still friends today. But Joe says he never stops laughing over it.

One last word for the NBA legend. Joe said: “Mike Bibby is like a Indian giver.”

A report fron Sneaker Files say Player Exclusive collectors always seem to go after Mike Bibby PE’s because he owns most pairs than anyone else. He’s also said to have one of the best lineups, with respect to other sneaker crazy stars.

The reports adds that Bibby was offered a rare Air Jordan 12 Mike Bibby ‘Atlanta Hawks’ PE during his NBA career.

Air Jordan 12 Mike Bibby Atlanta Hawks

Bibby choked Fat Joe for some pairs like this one which was valued at $26,000 way back in 2015, according to the report.