Messi wants to win an international trophy like Maradona

Argentina will meet Chile in the Group Stage of the Copa America on Monday night from the Estadio Nilton Santos in Rio.

Argentina is coming into this tournament with confidence but will have a tough test against their rival Chile in the first stage of the Copa America. They’ll be looking for their first Copa America trophy in thirty years and it all starts on Monday when they begin their campaign.

Maradona and Messi
Maradona and Messi

“My big dream is to win a title with the national team,” Messi said in a news conference before the Chile match. 

“I was very close on many occasions but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I will keep going until I can’t anymore. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to win everything at a club level and on an individual level and it would be beautiful to win with the national team as well.”

Preparations for the tournament have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic

Argentina were due to host but were forced to give up their rights due to the levels of Covid-19 in the country, while Venezuela’s squad suffered an outbreak of the virus before the Brazil game. 

“It worries us because it is a risk for everyone catching Covid,” Messi added. 

“We try to be careful but it’s not easy. These things happen. We’ll try to do all we can so no one gets it but sometimes it doesn’t depend solely on ourselves.”