Meet The Pastor Who Saw Jesus Christ’s Wife

This is the only man alive who have had the rarest of opportunities to meet Jesus Christ’s wife – or so he said.

His name is Pastor Mboro from South Africa.

Pastor Mboro asked to explain claims he saw Jesus' wife

He is the same pastor who claimed that he ascended to heaven on Easter Sunday morning and even took selfies.

For his revelation, the Hillbrow Police Station has registered charges against him for the claim that Jesus Christ’s wife whom he saw is a hot Xhosa lady. Wonders shall never end.

Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva (a South African Commission rep) said it has become very necessary that the man is arrested and given a restraining order on the claims. Pastor Mboro must explain in details what he saw and what proof there is that Jesus Christ has a mortal wife.

“He needs to tell us whether he has the selfies and whether he saw Jesus Christ’s wife.

“The situation is now out of hand. He can’t say that he created selfies of himself in heaven.”

Reports from the commission said charges has been filed against the pastor because he refused to give the Commission (CRL) his financial statements and bank printouts.

The Commission’s rep added that Mboro was operating an illegal church which is only registered as a close corporation.

“We tried all sorts of mediation from November but he has refused. Section 41 of the CRL Rights Act must kick in.

“Mboro appeared before the Commission in November last year but refused to hand over his financial documents.

“He accuses the CRL of witchcraft. There are legal consequences against insulting a constitutional body.”

With the ongoing legal issues and the high rate of crimes in South Africa, Mkhwanazi-Xaluva is scared of being targeted. She said her life is at risk.

“I try not to walk in exposed places. We asked the SAPS to look into the risk but have not had any feedback. The SAPS has an obligation to protect us. That is why we called them here.”

In his defense, Pastor Mboro told the media that the troubles he’s facing is a calculated plan aimed against his ministry. He said the commissioner has a personal problem with him.

He continued in his explanation: “She is spreading lies because she heard I’m going to sue her. She’s not suitable for her job.

“She must prove to me when she heard me saying these things. She must withdraw her lies with immediate effect. If she doesn’t stop, I will get an interdict against her.”

Prophet Mboro is serious with his threat to take legal steps against those who have tarnished his image on Facebook.

The Hillbrow Police spokesman Sergeant Mdududzi Zondo confirmed that a case of contempt of court has been opened against the pastor.

Pastor Mboro kicked out of his church

Apparently, the alleged fake prophet is good at his game, very good. He owns the purified water business as seen the picture above but he hasn’t paid his rent for the apartment rented in the name of the church.

He was evicted last August but he wouldn’t surrender the building until now. It’s a pity that he has multitudes of followers that see him as a representative of God.

Now that he has been forcefully evicted from the church. The members packed up things like bottles of water with Mboro’s picture on them, red carpets and cooking gear probably waiting for instructions from their leader.

When the questionable man of God arrived the scene, he danced and sang with the church members before publicly explaining that the events has been created out of nothing but confusion.

Notably, he claimed that he cleared the debt of R11 million and purchased the building.

But the Police Rep Kay Makhubela informed the public that a team of police officers will surely carry out the eviction order.

His real names are Paseka Motsoeneng.

Reports confirm that the divine church of ‘whatever’ is located in Roodekop, near Germiston, Ekurhuleni.

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