‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ turns a hit in China despite low earnings in the United States

It’s only four days after the release of Mechanic: Resurrection but the movie has already upstaged all trending Chinese films at the country’s box office.

The action movie features Jason Statham as an assassin chasing a kidnapper who took Jessica Alba (his girlfriend) hostage. A lot of risky international murder operations was required as the only way he could get her back to his waiting arms.

Jason’s newest movie, “Mechanic: Resurrection”, is a sequel to the 2011 blockbuster “Mechanic”. Film reviews rated it a flop in the United States of America but the Chinese movie theaters are raking in millions of dollars since it hit the big screens.

“Mechanic: Resurrection” has – in only four days – grossed over $24.9 million in China, according to Artisan Gateway [a consulting firm for the movie industry].

Reports confirm the surprise takeover at China’s box office after a month of dominance by local films, could be due to Jason Statham’s image as “an alpha male” around this part of the world.

The actor is very popular in China, having played prominent roles in much loved movies – “The Transport” and “Fast & Furious” – which were top hits at the country’s box office.

“Mechanic: Resurrection” shows Jason Statham living under cover in Brazil as Arthur Bishop. The heroic assassin was forced to expose his cover after an old enemy (Sam Hazeldine) kidnaps the woman he loves. Then the fight to save her life started.

Jason was required to kill Toby Eddington, an African warlord held in prison for human trafficking.

His mission also included taking the life of an arms dealer, Tommy Lee Jones, while making sure he leaves no trace behind.

The movie took an unexpected turn after the assassinations didn’t go as expected, and Bishop turns the tables on all those who forced him out of retirement.

Image shows Jason Statham (L) on the set of “Mechanic: Resurrection”.

Mechanic: Resurrection premiered in Hollywood on August 22, 2016 and was theatrically released in the United States on August 26, 2016.

The movie received negative reviews even after grossing $90 million.