MASS SHOOTINGS: Is this America’s deadliest massacre in 2023?

The mass shooting in Lewiston is now the deadliest in the US so far in 2023.

On average, the US has seen more than 39,000-gun deaths a year since 2014.

Although there are several definitions, Gun Violence Archive broadly defines a mass shooting to mean four or more people (excluding the perpetrator) shot at roughly the same time and location, regardless of fatalities or motives.

Below are the five most deadly mass shootings to have happened this year. The figures also include the death of the perpetrator if they were killed at the scene.

  1. Lewiston, Maine – Up to 20 feared dead, dozens injured
  2. Monterey Park, California (21 January) – 12 dead, nine injured
  3. Allen, Texas (6 May) – Nine dead, seven injured
  4. Enoch, Utah (4 January) – Eight members of same family dead
  5. Henryetta, Oklahoma (1 May) – Seven dead

This map shows a regional breakdown of the 565 mass shootings to have occurred so far this year, not all of which resulted in deaths:

At least two people killed at bowling alley

At least two people were killed inside the bowling alley last night, according to information obtained by our US partner network NBC News.

Correspondent Hannah Yechivi, who is in Lewiston, said she received a text from a man whose friend was caught up in the shooting at Sparetime Recreation.

He was in a group of eight people – five of whom were shot. Two of those five were killed, Yechivi was told.

She says the situation in the area is “very active” and she witnessed a “young male” being detained and taken out of the scene in a police car.

“This is not a person of interest, but this just shows you how active this situation is,” she said.

Where did the shootings take place?

The two “active shooter events” took place at a restaurant and at a bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine. 

They happened at about 7pm local time yesterday at Schemengees Bar and Grille and Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley recently renamed Just-In-Time Recreation. 

The two venues are about four miles apart, or an 11-minute drive. 

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