Latest news from the US after Maine shooting

What do we know about the Maine shooting ‘person of interest’?

Police have launched a manhunt as at least 15 people are feared dead after the Maine shooting.

The authorities in Lewiston have released images of a man with a military-style assault rifle in a bowling alley and say they are looking for “armed and dangerous” Robert Card.

Here’s what we know:

Previous attempts to reform Maine gun laws failed

A bit more now on Maine’s gun laws.

The state doesn’t require a permit to carry a firearm and its longstanding culture of gun ownership is tied to its traditions of hunting and sport shooting.

Gun control advocates have pushed for sweeping reform of Maine’s gun control laws, but have been unsuccessful.

Earlier this year, proposals for mandatory background checks on private gun sales and a three-day waiting period for purchases failed.

Back in 2019, proposals focused on protecting schools and banning bump stocks also failed.

“A recreation centre. A bowling alley. A neighbourhood bar. Places Americans frequent and should feel safe… these are the crime scenes of multiple shootings tonight in Maine,” said Kris Brown, president of the Brady gun safety advocacy group.

I’ve never locked my doors at night – but now I am going to, says Lewiston resident

In Lewiston, where most everyone knows most everyone else, Mar Mcenerey says it’s unfathomable anyone would commit such a horrible act of violence.

“I’m gonna start locking my doors at night,” she told our US partner network NBC News. “I’ve never locked my door once at night, I leave them wide open.”

Ms Mcenerey woke from a nap to the news of the deadly shooting last night and felt compelled to rush to the area of the shootings that killed at least 15 people. 

She stopped at her mother’s house on the way to make sure her doors were locked.

“I feel sad, like I’m probably getting ready to cry… I want to know who, where, when. Why would he do this?” Ms Mcenery said. “Why in Lewiston, Maine?”

Shelter-in-place advisory expanded to hometown of Robert Card

Maine State Police said it was expanding the shelter-in-place advisory and school closures to include the town of Bowdoin, some 15 miles (24km) away from Lewiston, where the shootings took place.

It did not say why it had extended the advisory, but “person of interest” Robert Card is from the town.

“More than 100” investigators were working to find the 40-year-old, police said.

Lisbon police ask residents to keep sheltering in place

Residents of Lisbon, a city near Lewiston in Maine, have been asked to stay put this morning as police continue their shelter-in-place recommendation.

It said there was “specific emphasis” for people between two streets in the city where “many businesses” will be closed today.

“Your cooperation with this recommendation is greatly appreciated as we work with several other law enforcement agencies to assure the residents and businesses in the community can go about their daily activities safely,” police said.

Armed officers guard hospital

Armed police have been stationed outside the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston overnight.

The hospital said earlier that its staff were “reacting to a mass casualty, mass shooter event” and were coordinating with other hospitals to take in patients.

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