MARRIED-IN-LOVE: Divorcee explains why she married daughter’s boyfriend, vows not to quit

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Malama Khadija, a Kano State woman who married her daughter’s boyfriend, has vowed that she will not reverse her decision because of what people are saying, noting that since she has not offended the Almighty God she is okay with whatever opinion people hold about her action.

City & Crime reports that the story of Khadija’s action has continued to generate controversy in Kano, as many people keep wondering whether it’s true, while others argue on the legitimacy of the marriage in Islam.

Khadija recently gave reason for quitting her initial marriage to marry her daughter’s boyfriend as an action that both she and her daughter didn’t lose the handsome man.

Speaking on the controversy generated in her family and the state, Khadija said she had no regret.

She said, “I wonder why people are after my marriage. I made the decision by myself. Nobody forced me. My daughter rejected the man, and I felt like we can’t lose him. We are happily married and I am enjoying my stay with him.

“I want people to know that I asked clerics about the legitimacy of this marriage and they said there is no problem with that. So, I will not reverse this marriage. I am there to stay; I don’t need any advice.”

On the allegation against the Hisbah Commandant of Rano LGA, Khadija said he didn’t force her to marry.

However, the state’s Hisbah command has constituted a committee to investigate the matter.