Married 4x, Has 2 Kids And Now The Mystery Lady in Red

Hot date: Salman Rushdie accompanied a stunning blonde to Vanity Fair's Oscars party on Sunday night

Hardly can people stop asking ‘Who’s that girl’ when a 68-year old celebrity graces an event with a mystery young lady. The stunning blonde mesmerized everyone with her gold dress and youthful hairstyle. Her bold red lips added an extra s**y perk to her beauty.

Salman Rushdie, a Booker Prize winner went all the way to California to join celebrations at the Oscar Award. He wasted no time in holding the girl around the waist as they posed for the cameras. Neither his sharp-suit not his bow could stop the overbearing influence of the Lady In Gold.

Looking good: The Booker Prize winning author lost some of his red carpet spotlight to the dazzling stunner

Salman Rushdie has married 4 times and has 2 children.

His last marriage to a model and actress, Padma Lakshmi ended in 2007 just after 3 years.