Mariah Carey Bans Fans On Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour.

As part of security measures for Mariah Carey’s latest Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, fans were banned from hugging or kissing her.

Die-hard fans paid £550 each and were allowed to only meet and greet the famous star at the said price but warned not to make any attempts to get up close and personal. Those instructions were strict.

Most fans who had hoped to exceed the limit lines were bitterly disappointed. The Hero singer and mother of twins is engaged to an Australian billionaire James Packer so it is understandable.

Nick Cannon's hilarious engagement wish to ex-wife Mariah Carey – See pic

According to reports, the megastar asked fans to refrain from any physical contact during the pricey VIP meet and greets.

A source told The Sun: “There were strict instructions for fans. No kissing, touching, grabbing or hugging Mariah. She was allowed to touch fans but they were told by bodyguards they weren’t to touch her.”

A large number of Mariah Carey’s loyal fans didn’t worry about her unusual requests as this isn’t the first time. “Everyone has been very respectful of the rule so far,” the source continued.

“Most of them are just so excited to meet Mariah they haven’t cared too much about the fact they have to keep their distance. But a few fans have been grumbling it’s a bit unfair.”

Mariah Carey got married to Tommy Mottola in 1993 and the marriage came under public criticism for many reasons which include Tommy being the president of Columbia Records and Sony Music.

Her marriage to Tommy Mottola ended in 1998.

Tommy is an American music executive. He is also the co-owner of Casablanca Records in a joint venture with the Universal Music Group.

Mariah met Tommy at the initial start of her career aged 23. She confessed that she was trapped in a marriage to Tommy Mottola and later revealed that the ex-husband was mentally and emotionally abusive to her throughout their four years together!

Mottola surely has his own side of the story buckled up. In his most recent book lunch, he said: “If it seemed I was controlling, I apologize,” he writes. “Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success.”

In 2008, Mimi as she is called by friends wedded Nick Cannon but the marriage also ended in divorce. Both are cool with co-parenting of their kids. Nick gave his blessings to Mariah’s engagement recently on Instagram and that shows there aren’t any hard feelings: “AllLove Congrats to MariahCarey and James!”

Mariah Carey has had it rough with love and marriages . She left Nick Cannon after 2 kids -Moroccan and Monroe –  for reasons best known to her though the ex-couple are maintaining absolute secrecy to the general public.

Nick Cannon

The beautiful singer with amazing vocal abilities has remained a TV icon especially on MTV. She is one of the most loved television stars till this day.

It’s a wish of every Mariah’s die-hard fan that her new found love will last till death do them part.