Man on Taiwan street beheads mentally ill sister

A man in Taiwan has reportedly beheaded his mentally ill sister on the street with no security personnel daring to stop him on time.

Onlookers who witnessed the horrific incident testified that the deceased knelt down and pleaded for her life before the murder suspect took his time to slit her throat with a kitchen life.


He also severed her head on the scene as the crowd watched “in shock.”

According to local media reports, the 54-year-old suspect has been arrested and is currently held in custody.

Police caught him late last month in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, immediately after the murder incident.


He confessed to having constant arguments with his 52-year-old sister who he said, had stopped visiting her psychiatric doctor for medical assistance. The exchange of words soon turned into heated quarrels which he thought could end with a kitchen knife.

Both siblings were never married.

He has been taking “good” care of her for many years.