Man Avoids Being Recycled After Dozing Off In A Dumpster, And Waking Up In A Rubbish Truck.

A man who slept off in a dumpster by the roadside will live to tell his story, after he was almost recycled when a rubbish truck collected him and the thrash for disposal. He was rescued after workers heard him scream from inside the wastes.

Ivan Rosalio Mendez Perez [the survivor] was lucky to have sustained only a broken leg.

Image: File Photo

According to a report from The Mirror, Ivan tried to get the driver’s attention by shouting and throwing cardboard out the back of the vehicle, the Albany Deomcrat-Herald reports.

But his attempts to raise the alarm were in vain, and he was pushed, pressed and “compacted several times,” according to police.

Captain Eric Carter from the Albany Police Department in Oregon said: “The driver became aware of it at Big 5 Sporting Goods because the subject was throwing cardboard out of the truck.”

“He got out to look and heard Mr. Perez yelling, so he contacted us. Albany Fire also responded to remove Mr. Perez from the truck.”

The 23-year-old was taken to a hospital with his leg broken but doctors who examined him said he’s in a “good health condition”.


“This isn’t the first time a bin-related accident has happened,” Carter said.

The body of Gordon Gene Lemke, 50, was found among a pile of cardboard at a waste sorting station five years ago. He had been sleeping rough at the time.

A 23-year-old Oregon man survived being compacted by a recycling truck after sleeping in a dumpster

Image shows the truck that almost recycled a man. (Source: Albany Police Dept.)

Carter added: “Do not play in (dumpsters), do not go into them, do not seek shelter in them, do not sleep in them. Those drivers don’t know.”