Man Enjoys Honeymoon Alone With Wife’s Picture, After She Lost Her Passport.

A young man named Faizan Patel realized he had no other option than to travel alone to Greece and Italy for their honeymoon, after his wife Sana misplaced her passport shortly before they were due to fly. He instead, decided to take along with him a paper cutout of his wife to accompany him through the journey.

Image shows Patel displaying his wife’s picture on the seat next to him.

The happily married young man didn’t want her wife’s inability to travel take away his joy but in fact, it was a necessity for him.

Photographer Faizan Patel, from New Delhi, India, was forced to take the trip to Greece and Italy alone after wife Sana realised just a few days before the flight date, that her travel documents were missing.

Things got worse for the couple because they were told they could not get a refund after making payment, so the newlyweds decided to cut their loss by half.

They arrived at a final decision that Faizan should go have some fun without Sana.

However, Faizan did his best to keep the love glowing, as he posted pictures of him and his wife’s head on paper during the trip. He did it “in loving memory” of his wife Sana.

Image shows a picture taken by the couple before take-off.

His wife was with him in spirit, and he admitted missing her so much despite posting the pictures online.

Faizal told CNN: “This trip was entirely planned by her. I wish to see her next to me soon.”

As luck would have it, India ‘s Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj took a quick action after coming across the man and his picture wife on the internet. The minister then arranged for a duplicate passport to be issued immediately.

Unfortunately, even with a passport issued, Sana may still miss the trip to Italy because she is now waiting for a visa.

Reports confirm Patel and Sana got married in December and took a short honeymoon in India. Their trip to Europe was supposed to be a proper honeymoon.

Image shows Patel with a friend in Italy.