Madonna Is Still As Hot As Hell.

Madonna may be heart-broken after losing the legal battle on her son Rocco who is currently in the U.K. with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie but that hasn’t taken the shine away from her. Her butts can attest that though in distress, Madge is still as hot as hell.

The only difference between being old and feeling young is confidence, yes, she knows that. At 57 Madonna is still sexy and feeling it.

Recently, the famous singer posted a picture of her bum taken on stage in Melbourne.

Madonna on stage

Image: Madonna flashes bums on stage.

At the concert in Australia, she acted as if she was drunk after taking few tequila gulps from a fan’s hip flask.

“Someone please f*** me, somebody take care of me, please. Who is going to take care of me?” Those were her words just as she took to the stage. Could be a joke or just wishing on the stars. Whatever that meant, we can’t stop wishing you the best ma’am. 

Madonna also shared lovely pictures of her daughter Lourdes on Instagram with the caption: “Looking Gorg………….. lola leon”.

Madonna's daughter 'Lola Leon'

Lourdes is making efforts to re-unite Madonna and her estranged son Rocco.