Love is by heart, not sight

The woman looked at herself in the mirror and then asked her husband,: “Do you still love me?”

The man replied: “Just like the first day.”

“Do you notice that my body isn’t the same as when we first met?”

“No, he didn’t notice,” the man replied.

She put her hands on her stomach and said: “See my belly is way bigger and heavier..My legs are no longer slim and smooth…”

She came to him with tears in her eyes and asked: “What else are you doing by my side?”

The man replied: “Look, when I touch your body, I feel your love, I see your good heart, I see your beautiful figure, I know it’s
a perfect shape.

“You gave me children that I love dearly.

“Don’t be mad at how you see yourself.

“Enjoy how I see you and how I still feel about you.

“I fell in love with the sensuality and goodness of your soul, not the vanity of your body.”

And through her tears he painted a smile on her face that shines again.

And that’s how it should be in life and in love because you don’t love with your eyes but with your heart.