Love Insurance: The trending way to secure marriage and relationships in China

Love is still in the air although Valentine’s Day has come and gone.


Exchange of gifts such as roses and chocolates which was previously considered the trendiest of love expressions, has been overshadowed by a wiser financial idea over here in China – an insurance.

Love insurance for loved-up Chinese men and women, including all lovey-dovey boyfriends and girlfriends is the hype at this moment.

People in this part of the world do appreciate gifts –cheap or expensive, but taking the weird decision to buy a “love insurance ” gives one a “superman tag.”

The service was launched around China on 14 February, 2017.Alipay, China’s most popular e-commerce company which also provides the most reliable e-wallet service confirmed that over 15,000 people registered for the insurance on Valentine’s Day.

According to a report from China Youth Daily, the insurance policies start at 99 yuan ($14), and go up to 297 yuan ($43) and 495 yuan ($72).

Couples who get married between three and 13 years after taking out insurance will receive payouts of 1999 yuan ($291), 5997 yuan ($873), or 9995 yuan ($1,455), the news outlet confirmed.


An adventurous lover boy named Yang Hui, who bought one of Alipay’s ¥495 policy package on 14 February, expressed hope that it’ll bring luck and cash in the long run.

He said: “I bought it without telling my girlfriend, and I hope it would be a surprise for her when we get married three years later.

“The money will be enough to make her wedding full of flowers, the kind of wedding which she has always dreamed of,” Yang added.

Media reports confirm that Alipay isn’t alone in this new line of business and relationship building.

Love insurance has been around in China for the past two years although an increased cash reward and other benefits now make it more appealing.

China Life, arguably the country’s largest insurance company, is offering a jaw-dropping gift of 10,000 roses to any couple who gets to wed in three years after registering with as little as 299-yuan ($43). This package comes with a discount for students and serving soldiers – 199 yuan.

Another company named Answern says it gives a heart-shaped diamond to couples who tie the knot in three years after registering for a 399 yuan ($58) package.

In a fast-developing economy where divorce rates have been on an increase, sustaining a relationship for three years seem to be a tasking job for lovers.

Match-making companies have taken roots in the country as dependable spouse providers, contrary to arranged marriages between parents which has been the norm for decades.

Unfortunately, most beneficiaries find themselves incompatible within days, weeks or months of settling down.

An ear-tingling report by, China’s largest third-party insurance service platform, said that 98.39 percent of couples break-up within three years.

For the 1.71 percent few who make it, the odds are even slimmer than the success of startup businesses.

“We are living in such a fast-paced society, and most couples I know often get married within one year after they meet each other,” 30-year-old Liang Chen said.

In his arguments, Chen says the newest trend of love insurance may be more beneficial to college students who aren’t in a hurry to walk down the aisle.

There are so many unknowns in today’s world, and I think that’s the charm of a relationship,” said an internet user named Baka Little Princess.

“It would be ridiculous if people get married just for the insurance’s sake,” she commented.