Pakistan is the world’s most dangerous country,’CIA official Kelvin Hulbert claims


An official with the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has made claims that Pakistan is the world’s most dangerous country after a deadly attack was launched at a monumental 13th Century shrine, killing tens of citizens and foreign nationals about 200m northeast of Karachi.


This controversial statement comes in the aftermath of a bomb blast which media reports confirm to have killed over 100 persons.

A police spokesman said the alleged ISIS suicide bomber entered the shrine through its Golden gate and blew himself up while the ritual of sufi dance ‘Dhamal’ was taking place. He first threw a grenade which failed to explode, before detonating the bomb around his body, blowing up himself and many others to body parts.

According to the SSP, the hand grenade was intended to cause panic before the real attack.

Kelvin Hulbert said recurring terror attacks and a dwindling economy makes the country a risky place for tourists. He claims this alarming situation has been complicated with the country’s quest for nuclear weapon.

Eighty of the total victims were reported dead after the explosion at the country’s famous Sufi shrine, and the death toll has been increasing hour after hour.

According to Hulbert’s article which he wrote for Cipher Brief, an intelligence community website, the CIA agent referred to Pakistan as probably the “most dangerous country.” He warned in the write up that the world will suffer if Pakistan fails as a country.

Pakistan is like the bank that is “too big to fail”, or “too big to allow to fail,” he said of the implications.

“We have big problems in Afghanistan+ with its population of 33 million people, but Pakistan has about 182 million inhabitants, over five times the size of Afghanistan,” he said.

“With a failing economy, rampant terrorism, the fastest growing nuclear arsenal, the sixth largest population, and one of the highest birthrates in the world, Pakistan is of grave concern,” Hulbert adds.

“In the end, while Pakistan is not the most dangerous country in the world, it probably is the most dangerous country for the world.

“There seem few levers to pull in Pakistan today, but if we pursue a strategy of containment or disengagement, things will only get worse,” he said.


In his words, Humbert revealed that the American government and IMF have donated billions of dollars in financial assistance because the fear of Pakistan collapsing means more than analysts can ever imagine.

He admits that Donald Trump’s government considers the security development as a nightmare which may spring up some undesirable scenarios for many countries.

Pakistan presents more security risks than any country in the world, he argued.

So, we keep throwing money at it, trying to steer them towards good behavior, and with only limited success. But, we must keep trying,” he added.

Hulbert also explained that the US war in Afghanistan was different, saying his country’s mission was only to resist Taliban from taking hold of the government; and sanitizing the nation as a safe haven for terrorists who plan attacks against the West.

“Meanwhile, if we stay, the the death toll for the US continues as the casualties dribble in,” he said.