Losing Weight and Committing Suicide.

Men appreciate thin looking women in some countries which include China but elsewhere, most men like them chubby.

Looking slim and being healthy has been misunderstood by many.

In fact, most men don’t care about body shapes. If a woman is healthy enough to do her daily chores and not as fat as a cow, many husbands and boyfriends won’t complain except they’re comparing what they have with what is outside the home. Then it would be understandable.

It is natural for men to stare at women with different sizes and shapes so it’s a wonder why some ladies will almost want to commit suicide trying too hard to be slim when it doesn’t matter much. Take a survey and see if this is wrong.

Blame it on the society for using thin models in adverts while mocking plus-sized women.

In a woman’s heart lies the beauty any man can ever wish for – facial looks and body shapes are like fashion that fades away after some time.

The 28-year-old Nana is pictured above. In her dream of becoming thin, she successfully lost 20kg through dieting in just a period of 5 months. She’s from Jiangsu Province in China. Now she looks as if she’s 60 years old.

In the five months period, she is said to have consumed only boiled vegetables without salt or oil.

Her current weight is only 30kg though she is 155cm in height. She was weighing 50kg before the adventure started.

Hasn’t she paid the price for wanting to look thin?

She’s now going bald and losing teeth like a baby. There are also wrinkles all over her saggy body.

Doctors who carried out tests on her said she is now suffering from anorexia along with depression and severe general body weakness. She has been hospitalized.

As explained by the doctor, anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by a low weight, fear of gaining weight and a strong desire to be thin.

In the words of Nana’s doctor at Zhongda Hospital Southeast University, “Many people with anorexia see themselves as overweight eventhough they are underweight, and this would cause osteoporosis, infertility and heart damage.”

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