An Angry Passenger Poured Water On Crew Members During a Flight.

A male passenger with uncontrollable anger emptied two full glasses of water on flight attendants aboard a flight from Beijing to Cambodia with a brief stop-over at Guangzhou.

The angry man poured the glasses of water on them and later assaulted them physically on the Southern Airlines flight just a few minutes after take-off.

He was provoked after a flight attendant accidentally poured some cranberry juice on his clothes while serving drinks.

The man requested a direct verbal apology and a handwritten letter from the attendant. He also included in his demand that the said letter of apology must show how deeply sorry she was.

Other crew members joined in apologizing on behalf of their colleague but did not provide the letter as requested by the hot-tempered passenger. Then the man took his time to the pantry and when he returned, poured two full glasses of water of the attendants.

In his anger, he threatened the officials saying, “ I know your boss in Guangzhou! I also know where you will be living in Phnom Penh. I will ask my friends there to teach you a lesson!”

The man was also seen pushing the flight attendants while making his threats known.

He was arrested by the airport police after landing and handed a 3-days administrative detention.