Lady Gaga professes love for ‘Joanne’

Lady Gaga’s newest album “Joanne” proved itself a chart-buster by reaching number one spot in over 60 countries including France, U.S., UK, India and more. Now what? The famous singer is a good example of celebrities who bring thier attitude to work but there’s more to her achievements than mere passion for excellence.

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The Golden Globe Award winner revealed in an interview that her latest album is named after her late aunt named Joanne.

She says Joanne‘s death had a profound effect on her family notwithstanding the fact that she was born 12 years after the real-life inspiration had passed away.

Joanne receives a deserved credit for laying a solid foundation for the young woman the world has come to know and appreciate as Lady Gaga. What a great influence!

Gaga, who worked as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing before she was noticed by Akon, has so far won 12 Guinness World Records.

She also has gratitude for Akon, who never doubted her abilities, and went ahead to sign a joint deal with her on Interscope Records as well as his own KonLive Distribution.

The star who now boasts of 3 Brits Award Winner and 6 Grammies, confessed to being depressed about herself and her talents, and had decided to quit music altogether before her great achievements.

She released her 2016 hit album on October 21 thanks to “Joanne”, who’s also Gaga’s middle name, and the name of her parents’ Italian restaurant located in New York.

Lady Gaga, [real names Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta] says her aunt Joanne died of Lupus at the age of 19.

“What I know of Joanne is what she left behind, which was a lot of loss and a lot of tragedy in my family,” she says of the aunt who died 18 December, 1974, a date which Gaga has tattooed on her arm.

When Gaga took to the stage at the Oscars earlier this year, she gave an emotional speech about rape as other 50 survivors at the event stood solidly behind her.

#TillItHappensToYou made rounds on the internet and a few people misunderstood her campaign. But after another emotional speech at the Producers Guild Awards, the famous singer performed her Oscar-nominated rape survivors’ anthem “Til It Happens to You”.

Gaga went further, revealing that a college campus sexual assault “tormented [Joanne] so emotionally that it caused the lupus that she had to get so bad that she died.”

Following up on Joanne’s legacy, Gaga decided to do something memorable after she reached her 19th birthday.

In her words: “That’s when I really decided I was going to hit the ground hard — hit the [New York] dive bar scene and the club scene hard with my music and playing out as a songwriter.

“It was really Joanne, and that story of our family, and the toughness that made us who we are, that gave me the strength to go, ‘You know, I’m going to live the rest of my life in a way that she couldn’t.'”

According to the interview compiled by Lyndsey Parker, Gaga says “Joanne” is “a return to my roots in a very strong way”.

On her plans for a “Bud Light + Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour” which kicked off Oct. 5, Gaga said: “It’s not so much about taking it all off for the sake of it, like, ‘Here I am, I had all these costumes before and now I don’t!'”

She added: “There will be ‘more costumes and lights and big shows’ in the future.”

Talking about Gaga’s scheduled half-time performance at next year’s Super Bowl, which many are speculating will be “a very un-dive-bar-like spectacle,” she said: “But to begin all of this, we’re going to wind back the clock — to the day I decided when I was 19 that I was going to go live the rest of the life that Joanne didn’t get to live.”

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“The thing is, you’re not always going to make something that everybody likes. You can’t be in this for the business of people liking you. That would just not be even the right thing to do!

“To have such a big voice in the world and to only care about people liking you — what’s the point, really? When I’m making records, I’m never thinking, ‘How can I make this something that’s accepted?'” Gaga said, referring to critics and haters.

She adds that their backlash has been “hurtful at times… It doesn’t feel good when you put that much time and work and effort into things, and people make fun of them, or shame you for things you’ve created.”

“You know, I do have to take responsibility that there’s an element of absurdity to a lot of what I’ve done in the past,” Gaga said about the things she would like to change in her life.

“The meat [dress] thing, and confusing people, that has been part of my thing. And I wouldn’t even say necessarily that now that’s entirely different. I think that people seeing me take everything off, it’s making them ask questions as well — but what I’m hoping for is for people to stop asking so many questions about ‘why?’ and just listen to the music.”

Gaga talked about other big stars in the industry who have inspired her in different ways, especially on the set of “Joanne”.

“It was really about working with people that have tremendous poetry and depth through their work. I can say that with such love, that I adore and cherish the people that worked on this album,” Gaga giggles.

“And I mean, we didn’t collaborate over the phone, you know? This is like days, hours, nights in the studio… It was just a brilliant experience. Genuine passion and love. People that really cared about wanting me to be able to soar, and making a pop record that has gravity to it. That’s a challenge.

“We wanted to make something that sounds brand-new, and we wanted to make something that’s also pop, but we wanted it also to be authentic and change things up a bit. We love making music, and we’re trying to change the landscape of how music is now.”

“Sinner’s Prayer”, a track from her new album, definitely sounds like a song for the ladies — for the young Joannes of the world, Gaga wants you to know.

The singer says she “wanted to speak to a female audience… I’m excited that when I walk down the street now and people see me, that they don’t just see the outfit and can’t wait to take a picture. I can’t wait to lock eyes with that woman that says, ‘Thank you for writing Joanne.’ That’s my goal. I want to know that she heard me in a deeper place.”

Gaga reveals that “Joanne” is for everyone to enjoy.

“I really just want all those girls that have never really understood me before, or those boys that have never understood me before, to hear what I have to say about being me during this time in the world…

“I can try to speak to women, but I’m not trying to speak to these women in a way that they get all riled up and then they’re mad at their man. Or they’re mad at their girlfriend. Or they’re mad at their dad. You know? It’s the opposite.

“I want to speak to these women and I want the men sitting next to them to hear the songs and go, ‘Oh, I get it. I understand you now better, baby. I get you now, baby.’ Mark and I talked a lot about it: When speaking to women, when speaking to men, how could we make statements to women that men would understand and be a part of, and bring men and women closer, bring women closer?” Gaga added.

Her last words:

“The thing is, once I was able to return to that, I was able to remember what’s important in life is family and friendship and connection and taking care of one another, especially in a time when people are so isolated and lost and afraid.

“It just feels really good to write a song that lays it all bare, and sing it and look my fans dead in the eye. That’s really the point of what I’m trying to do. And Joanne is giving me the strength to do that.”

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