Kylie Jenner Launching Pop Career Also on April 1.

With the recent trend of events, it’s hard for anyone not to think that suddenly April 1 now have a new meaning yet unknown. Hopefully, it will all be clear by the time this day is over.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family Kylie is said to be launching her pop music career today.

The supermodel revealed the artwork designed for her debut album titled EP KNGKYLIE. The picture also showed the date 4/1 on it. This may be the confirmation the world needs to address the rumor that has been spreading about Kylie and music. Now it seems to be proven.

Kylie may be following the trend set by Kim who released a debut single ‘Jam’ way back in 2011. There’s sisters aren’t having enough of fame at all.

Harry Hudson who is a close associate of the Kardasian sister tweeted in this regard: “So Proud of you Kylie for overcoming your fears and making this EP, it’s actually amazing. Can’t wait for the world to hear. 4/1 #LLSC​”

Reports say Kylie Jenner wanted to use her first name for the music but the attempt was blocked last month because Kylie Minogue already used it as a trademark. It’s sad news for Kylie because she can’t use her first name for advertisements or entertainment services.

If she ignorantly proceeds, the pop queen Minogue will surely hit her very hard in the face with violations of trademark rights.