Marc Anthony’s marriage to Shannon De Lima crashed after his Grammy Kiss with Jennifer Lopez

Barely two days after Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez sealed their 2016 Latin Grammy Awards performance with a kiss, his wife of two years has filed for divorce, reports confirm.

Shannon De Lima wedded Anthony in Dominican Republic (2014). The couple separated in 2013 after a year together but reunited after she appeared on his 2014 music video. Then they sealed their love on the altar, the same year.

In August, the singer-model who seem to have an undying affection for his ex wife, attended J. Lo’s Las Vegas show where he posed for a picture with her and then boyfriend, Casper Smart.

Image: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Last Thursday, the celebrity couple [J. Lo and Anthony] were present at this year’s Latin Grammy Awards where he kicked off his performance with the hit track “I Need To Know,” “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien,” and “Vivir Mi Vida,” before she joined him on stage.

Both singers treated the cheering crowd to a classic 1984 Spanish hit “Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta.”

It was J. Lo’s first ever performance at the Latin Grammy Awards, so it was worth celebrating.

The former lovebirds couldn’t hold themselves back from the urge to share an affectionate kiss on stage. They did it with great excitement though they’re forbidden to do so – as Shannon would have it. And he said afterwards, “she’s like my sister.”

We all know brothers don’t kiss their sisters. Oh no, that was a “holy” kiss, forgive me for the error.

Reports confirm the duet was immediately available for downloads on iTunes following the wonderful performance.

However, seems his later explanations for the “crime” didn’t go down well with Shannon. Not even with rumors that Anthony and J. Lo are “getting back together.” That wasn’t the only problem.

Lopez was honored to present the Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year award to him.

Image: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Before releasing the award, she gave a short speech while the crowd cheered. “He will always be many things in my life — a mentor, a soulmate, a father. He is not only a Person of the Year, he is a living legend,” she said.

To make matters worse, and somehow confirm the rumors, Anthony dedicated the honor to his children and did not thank De Lima, a loving but jealous wife.

In his words right there on stage, Anthony said: “You have sacrificed — more than anyone — to see Daddy standing here after 30 years.

“You guys are living this moment with me. Alex, Arianna, Christina, Ryan, Max and Emme — I am yours.”

Image: Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony.