Kim Kardashian Uncensored (18+).

Image: Kim Kardashian

Sometime in 2011, during an interview at Walters’ 18th Annual “10 Most Fascinating People” Special, Barbara Walters said this to the Kardashian family–Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and momager Kris Jenner :

“You don’t really act; you don’t sing; you don’t dance. You don’t have any — forgive me — any talent,” Walters told the family.

“But we’re still entertaining people,” explained Khloe, then Kim followed up with a comment:

“I think it’s more of a challenge for you to go on a reality show and get people to fall in love with you for being you, so there is definitely a lot more pressure, I think for being famous for being ourselves.”

Image: Kim Kardashian

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian is hot and super-sexy. We can hate or love her for the incredible body. However she has chosen to use it, is nobody’s business – at least, it’s paying her bills.

She made a sex tape with Ray J. in 2007 and shot to limelight immediately afterwards, taking the Kardashian family along.

During the 2011 show, Walters wanted to know exactly why Kim is the most popular in the family–pretending to be unaware of the sex tape.

“I have made mistakes in my life, for sure,” Kim admitted as mom and manager Kris jumped in reminding her daughter with the obligatory comment, “You learned a lot from that.”

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Famous rapper Kanye West didn’t have to mind her past with his mind on the future, so we shouldn’t care more either.

Jenner told Walters the experience was “devastating for the whole family and you cry yourself to sleep for a few nights, then you hire a really good attorney and try to make something, you know, better happen.”

How could that be? Unbelievable!

Anyway, blame the Kardashians’ fame on a bizarre culture that tends to rate women based on their sex appeal.

Did you ever wonder why Kim is famous? Take away her nudes and she has nothing to show the world on social media. “Sex appeal” made them what they are, and they’re so proud of it.

Kim, just like every other Kardasian craves for fame. She is too absorbed with her beauty, boobs and those ole butts. No other celebrity loves taking selfies like her.

Kimmy is so engrossed with her body, making it impossible for one to wonder if she has been a responsible mom to her kids.

Which responsible mom would spend almost every minute of her life taking selfies, even in the middle of the night?

Thanks to Kim for giving every Tom and Jerry a chance to either eat from her secret garden or go window-shopping.

Forgive me for that word ‘secret’. I understand that whatever belongs to everyone belongs to no one. Truth is, she doesn’t give a hoot.

Back in 2014, Kim did a sexy photo shoot for charity,  and momager Kris Jenner was said to be furious that she took that bold step without her consent.

However, Mariah Carey chimed in to a debate on how the reality TV star was using her body, saying: “When you have no talent and no real career, the only thin you can really offer is your body. It’s so sad, it is, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

“And if her man likes it and approves, so be it… Mimi prides herself on being accomplished and well-respected – that’s more than these new girls could ever say.”

Anyway, Kim knows what she’s got so why won’t she flaunt it?

That act of kindness is immeasurable. It’s so good to the point that those who can’t run, walk or crawl in her garden of Eden would only remember what it looks like.

Funny as it is, I guess, Kim’s hubby Kanye West said to Power 106 [a hip-hop powerhouse in L.A]: “Carine Roitfeld said on my girl’s birthday, she said—and she was the editor of French Vogue—she said, ‘In my industry, beauty is a talent.’ People used to be, ‘What is [Kim] talented at?’ She’s talented at being beautiful! Like, if you go to a club, and you see a bunch of beautiful girls, you might say, ‘It’s a bunch of talent.’”

Awesome answer! He was asked about what talents Kim could boast of.

Though Kim has promised on many occasions that she won’t pose nude again. She has always ended up breaking the promise, so no one will ever trust her on that. It’s an addiction.

There is no reason Kim Kardashian wants to show off her ass or #BreakTheInternet other than because she can, she is expected to, and we fall for the trap every damn time, according to Time magazine.

Kim Kardashian is sexy, everyone knows. She’s making millions with her body, contrary to what every other woman thinks the female body stands for.

People talk, yet they watch ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ even when they’ll never be able to catch up with the “snaky” women.

Every nude selfie she uploads on Instagram, breaks the internet–a sign that people love her for this “talent” whether it’s officially recognized or not.

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