Khloe Kardashian can’t wait to have Tristan Thompson’s baby

Khloe Kardashian made headlines with pregnancy rumors and media reports confirm this to be true. Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson is the man with a magic wand.

The TV personality was advised by fans and well wishers to stay away from the NBA Champion but little did they know that Tristan was already caught up in a web of “kurses”.

Media reports claim the Kardashian family is aware of their last daughter’s pregnancy, and will announce it after the first trimester.

Khloe has battled fertility problems for many years and feels very excited that the “Kardashian Kurse” couldn’t stop Tristan, who’s now her knight in the shining armor for breaking down the gates of hell.

“She’s only told family so far because it’s in the early stages and she wants to wait until she’s past the first trimester to go public,” Aces Showbiz quotes a source.

“But she can’t believe she’s finally having a baby!

“She has dreamed of being a mother for so long, and she’s so in love. She just can’t wait until the baby is born,” another source added.

Khloe’s marriage to Lamar Odom ended without a child but the “Strong Looks Better Naked” author told Natalie Morales, an NBC News correspondent, that she really hopes the pregnancy rumors come true.

“I mean, I hope so!” she said, according to the report. “I definitely hope so, God willing”

Tristan Thompson

Although TT, the 25-year-old basketball star, has a child with ex Jordan Craig and is said to be obsessed with Khloe, 32, he want all out on Lamar Odom for confessing in an interview that he still wants his ex back.

An insider confirmed that Tristan was pissed off with the comment, adding that the young father will do whatever it takes to protect his gem.

“Lamar has stepped out of bounds and needs to get slapped with three technical fouls for publicly trying to get Khloe’s attention by saying he wants his wife back,” the tipster said.

“Khloe’s not married anymore. She’s Tristan’s girl and he will do anything to protect her from her psycho and delusional ex husband.

“…Khloe’s moved on and doing much better, and TT wishes Lamar would do the same,” the source said.

“If a baby makes her happy, then it makes him happy too,” a source told Aces Showbiz about LeBron James’ teammate who is yet to make public comments on the rumored pregnancy.

The Hollywood Life quotes a source as revealing in an exclusive interview that Khloe is happy with her pregnancy but not really excited because her boyfriend just became a father on 12 December, 2016.

“Khloe would love to be having a baby right now so these rumors are actually quite hurtful. This is already a sensitive subject, her boyfriend is a new dad and that has brought up a lot of feelings for her,” the tipster said.

Tristan called it quits with his 25-year-old woman and started a new life with Khloe. His decision has received huge criticisms from haters who called him a leach, and advised the show girl to boot this fame-seeking hoopster out of her life.

However, it’s too late to cry, with a long-desired pregnancy confirmed.

“Khloe’s not sitting around crying over this though, she’s focused on her new show. That’s her baby right now, she has very high hopes for it,” the source adds.

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  1. Very funny because Khloe will have his baby and the next thing will be divorce. Those women have curses following them around. They’re destructive, too, as you wrote.