Kevin Cheng prefers wife in sexy outfits

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan.jpg

Hong Kong actors Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan tied the knot last August and welcomed their first child, a son, in February.

While the first-time father has had his hands full with parenting duties, it turns out that he’s also been busy with something else: policing his wife’s wardrobe.

Grace attended a brand event on May 29, where she talked about her experience as a mother and how Kevin has asked her to tone down on her dressing.

“He doesn’t really control what I wear as long as I’m not dressed too sexily!” she revealed. “He’s very satisfied with (the red dress) that I’m wearing today, because he feels that there’s no need for me to dress sexily all the time.”

The 27-year-old let on that the couple checks out each other’s outfits before events, and that Kevin has only set one line that Grace cannot cross: lingerie shoots.

“I think he’s right in this aspect. As a husband, I can understand that he wants to protect his wife and doesn’t want her to reveal so much skin,” she mused.

During the event, the actress also talked about her son Rafael’s 100th day party, which took place earlier this month. Although the event lasted only two hours, the number of children running around on the day itself caused her to be so exhausted that she collapsed on the sofa after the party ended.

Grace also gave the media a description of Rafael’s personality, sharing that he seems to be extroverted as he’s been exposed to numerous people since his birth, and he therefore warms up to strangers easily.