Kendall Jenner Wants a DNA Test.

The Kardasians reality TV show has previously been hit with rumors about Khloe’s paternity but now Kendall Jenner is reportedly seeking a paternity test following claims that Caitlyn Jenner might not be her biological father.

Rumors have it that O.J. Simpson is Khloe’s real father while many others trust it is attorney Robert Kardashian. The bootylicious beauty may not have worried much about her real dad, probably because she’s a grown woman and has put behind her, all the truths and lies.

Things are getting really bad now as rumors have once again surfaced that Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) might not be the 20-year-old Kendall’s biological father.

An unnamed family insider told Radar Online that “Kendall is now worried her whole life is a lie.”

Kendall Jenner and Bruce Jenner

Kris Jenner now has a lot of answers to give but for Kendall, only a DNA test would satisfy her curiosity.

Most people are thinking that Kendall looks more like Kris’ ex-boyfriend, Todd Waterman. It is reported that the fling between Kris and Todd was the reason her marriage to the late Robert Kardasian collapsed.

In 1989, Kris and Robert were married for about 10 years when she started an affair with Todd Waterman and continued after his death. Todd was a 23-year-old football player plying his trade with L.A. Heat when he first set his eyes on Kris Jenner in a photo frame at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills.

Todd eventually got to meet with Kris on a night out with friends in Los Angeles. The two fell in love and had sex for the first time in a friend’s closet.

Todd said: “I’m sure we danced and had a good time in the club.

“We came back to her friend’s home in Beverly Hills. And our first time [we had sex] was in her friend’s closet. We found a little place in the house and consummated the relationship.

“It was a magical night, surreal.

“I think it was two people who were both open to experiencing something in their life at that time. It was fate, we invited it and we just ran with it and from that point on. We didn’t hold back.”

Memories: Todd pictured with Kris Jenner

The 51-year-old Todd revealed: “[Kris] was still coming over… and we were still sleeping together when she had started dating Bruce.”

Kris followed up in affirmation as made public in her 2012 memoir. The 60-year-old momager wrote: “[We had] wild crazy sex all the time. We had sex in cars, sex on the tennis court, sex in the pool house, sex in the garage when we got home, sex up and down the stairs, sex everywhere, all the time.”

Happy together: Todd and Kris looking relaxed together

This meaningful revelation will form a big part of the next episode (12) of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The family will be looking to find the real identity of Kendall’s father.

Radar’s source said Kendall is now demanding a DNA test. That’s all she wants at this moment.

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