Bulldozers At War.

Watch Six Bulldozers Battle Each Other on the Streets of China in the Craziest Fight Ever

They say politics is war by other means, now we are watching war as politics by other means, too.

This fight is simply madness at the highest order. In northern China, bulldozers were seen fighting each other in what looks like a video game but it’s not a game, it’s a real fight between bulldozers from different companies.

In the end, reports confirmed that no one was killed. Cars plying on the road were seen trying to avoid a collision with the giant construction machines.One of the machines even got flipped in the royal rumble fight.

Can you imagine a total of 6 bulldozers fighting each other just because they were pissed? That’s what happened actually.

Reports say the machine operators arrived the scene for a contract job previously assigned to one and later re-assigned to the other.

The machine operators exchanged words but couldn’t wait for their employers to sort things out.