Justin Bieber: Some Broken Hearts Never Mend.

Justin Bieber’s recent Instagram pictures and captions may have suggested to fans that their star is suffering from depression which he never overcame since his break-up with Selena Gomez.

Maybe he tried, maybe he failed to try hard enough or just that he can’t get over the popular singer and actress Selena.

Justin Bieber

The Love Yourself singer is apparently finding it very hard to follow his instructions.

Truly, looks cannot lie.

Bieber’s recent pictures posted for his 63.7 million fans show him in clouded in sadness. The picture above was captioned:

“My body looks like eyes nose and mouth.” 

“Blessings bro… Keep on driving over the same road… You are meant to be great and you’re doing it,” encouraged 1 fan.

Rumors have it that Justin isn’t only feeling sad for his lost love but he feels hurt that Selena Gomez has gone public with Charlie Puth. It used to be rumors; now it’s true.

Both lovebirds look happy together.

Commendable good manners from the Never Say Ever singer, he gave his blessings to the young couple.

Justin Bieber seem to have realized his mistakes and may not go on hurting anymore.

His most recent post below has already received over 1 million likes. He captioned it, “Morning”:

Justin Bieber