Justin Bieber Is, ‘Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish.’

A woman whose life was tormented by Justin Bieber in his early days will never forgive the superstar even though their paths might never cross again. Bieber’s former neighbor confessed that she is “glad he is gone.”

At that time, said the woman, “I would call my friends in the neighborhood whenever the boy comes around, ‘Be careful, Justin is outside.'”

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As a schoolboy growing up with a single mom Pattie in Ontario, he spent some of his time at his grandparent’s house like an innocent boy but for the neighbor in Stratford, Ontario Justin was more than a crackhead. She said the young boy wrecked havoc on their lives. He was a troublemaker.

“There’s nothing good I can say about him.”

“There is an apartment block nearby and he’d ring all the buzzers to get the residents to open the doors.

“My house was egged three times by that kid. If we went on holiday he’d play games on my lawn. After one winter we found 16 of his ice hockey pucks there.

“He’d play basketball on the lawn and trample on the plants. There was never a sorry. If there was mischief to be had, he’d have it. He’d make our life a misery.”

Justin Bieber

Bieber is also accused to have scared the woman’s cat many times as well as thrown pears into her swimming pool.

Justin’s former school principal Martin Ritsma has something to say about Bieber’s education and fame.

Justin Bieber

“He never graduated but we’re definitely proud if him.

“When he started to get well known online he turned up at school one day in the limo. The girls were impressed.

“He was a regular kid into his ice hockey and basketball. Since then we’ve been watching his career take off. He went through a bit of a shaky time but he has held it together. Good for him.

“It’s hard to imagine what temptations are put in his way but he went through all that and came out stronger and better for it.”

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