Adele To Leave Music For 5 Years.

Adele; 25; 2015; review

Adele’s son Angelo is only three years old but music is keeping the new mom away from family for too long. So the singer has decided she’ll be taking a 5 year leave from music.


In 2008 Adele released the album 19. Her 2011 blockbuster, 21, was all about turning pain into power as a growing woman. The album sold 30 million copies.

The 2011 album 21 is simply the sound of a woman struggling through bad romance.

Adele’s 2015 album 25 ‘finds her queenly and resolute, lamenting the past on songs with titles like “Water Under the Bridge” and “When We Were Young.” Even “Hello” is a goodbye.’

Her 25 album was a smash hit as it went straight to No.1 on the billboard charts.

Before dropping her 2015 album, Adele had been on a 3 year break from music. Now her fans will have to wait another 5 years before listening to new songs from the well decorated Grammy winner.

At the Brits 2016, she bagged a total of 4 awards.

A source said: “Adele is loving being the most talked about woman in the music world right now” with reference to her comments on Jamie Oliver’s breastfeeding campaign as well as calling the Brussels terrorists, f******.

“She has told her closest pals she will step away from the limelight for five years before she next brings out an album.”

 “She’s still very new to motherhood and doesn’t want to miss out on Angelo growing up. It will be a hard thing for fans to hear.”
Adele’s next album may be called 28, 29, 0r 30 but it’s surely worth the wait. Every new album from her is always a bombshell.