Ja Rule Reveals He Lost His Virginity At 12.

Issues relating to virginty bring sexual fantasies, happiness and sweet memories to a lot of people but to some others, the experience can be described as something repulsive, offensive and whatever that makes it a taboo.

Anyway, U.S. rapper Ja Rule finds it an interesting topic to be openly discussed.

Image shows Ja Rule and wife, formerly known as Aisha Murray.

On his way out of LAX, Ja Rule was approached by TMZ for a brief interview.

The New York-born rapper [real name Jeffrey Atkins] was asked about a part in his book, Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man. The question made reference to the chapter where he claims to have lost his virginity as a teenage boy.

Rule replied casually and straight to the point. Having written it down in a book already, how he became a man is an open secret but he had to say it once again for the records.

In his words: “Yeah, that’s sort of true.

“We grow up fast in the hood, man.”

However, when TMZ probed further about how it actually unfolded, the self acclaimed “King of New York” revealed that “it wasn’t all that great”.

The 40-year-old rapper who’s married to Aisha Atkins said: “I think I was 12.

“It was very disgusting and nasty. It wasn’t the way you want your first time to go is what I can say about it.

“It was on a staircase. It wasn’t the best way you want your first time to go.”

Ja Rule was born in Hollis, Queens, wrote the book about his life troubles as a child, destructive rivalries, fame, and his 2-year jail sentence.

His first music album debuted in 1999 with the release of Venni Vetti Vecci and its blockbuster single “Holla Holla” which made it to #35 on the billboard Hot 100. His Grammy-nominated track “Always On Tine” was a #1 hit on the billboard.

The proud father-of-three first made public his rough childhood back in 2014 when he revealed that he sold drugs even to his friend’s parents, adding that at the same age was when he lost his virginity, 12.