Nicki Minaj’s Brother To Be Divorced By Wife.

Nicki Minaj’s brother is facing divorce from his wife, following an alleged court case involving the rape of a teen girl. Jelani Maraj has been handed divorce documents from wife who asked that their marriage of one year be dissolved immediately.

Maraj was charged with felony and rape of a minor. He stands accused for raping and sodomizing the teen girl in a horrific assault that lasted 8 months in 2015.

Image: Maraj Jelani and Nicki Minaj.

According to the Daily Mail, the rapper’s 37-year-old brother was hit with the latest lawsuit from wife on August 18, a few days before their first wedding anniversary.

The divorce is filed as “Uncontested Matrimonial,” which indicates that the separation is agreed upon by both sides.

The defendant could face life in prison if found guilty of charges after he was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl multiple times, and physically assaulting the victim. DNA tests and forensic evidence available to police points at Maraj with up to 99.9% certainly.

He was given four days to consider a plea deal last week, having rejected the offer twice.

Maraj, 37, was offered a chance by the District Attorney to plead guilty for a reduced sentence when the case was first filed, but the newly married man rejected the kindness. He pleaded “not guilty” during his arraignment on April 19.

The accused was offered a seven-year deal in exchange for a guilty plea.

However, Maraj’s team of lawyers are claiming that they have verifiable proof that the young girl was also having sex with another male who is above 17 years old, at the same time.

The lawsuit against Maraj was filed in April this year but his sister kept him out of jail after posting $100,000 bond. Subsequent reports claimed Minaj never made any cash deposit, revealing that his mother mortgaged her home and completed the amount with promissory notes.

Image shows Nicki Minaj and mom Carol Minaj.

The rap star attended her brother’s wedding last August and posted on Instgram afterwards: I would cross the ocean for u. I would go & bring u the moon. Promise u. For u I will. I love my brother so much man. Can’t believe I cried during his wedding and his first dance like a punk. May God bless him and his union. Tonight has been one of my favorite nights of all time. I do anything to see my brothers smile.

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  1. Minaj’s brother should be in prison a long time ago. The laws in America is so lax that judgement for confirmed criminal offenses are always delayed unnecessarily.