Israel-Hamas War: No Plan for ceasefire – Israel

Hopes for a brief ceasefire in southern Gaza to allow foreign passport holders to leave the besieged Palestinian enclave and aid to be brought in were dashed, with Israeli bombardments intensifying ahead of an expected ground invasion. Follow the latest news from the war on MEZIESBLOG.

Palestinian militant group Hamas uses a global financing network to funnel support from charities and friendly nations, passing cash through Gaza tunnels or using cryptocurrencies to bypass international sanctions, according to experts and officials. In a two-part special edition of the various World News podcast, journalists are currently talking about what to expect from a ground invasion in Gaza and examine Hamas’ planning and endgame. 
Poland’s ruling nationalists appeared to have lost their parliamentary majority in the nation’s most pivotal election in decades, potentially opening the way for opposition parties to seize power in what would be a huge political shift.

Russia launched five missiles and 12 kamikaze drones at Ukraine in an overnight attack, Ukraine’s air force said early, with officials reporting further artillery and air strikes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to China this week to meet Xi Jinping, in his first trip outside the former Soviet Union this year.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he accepted his share of blame for the failure of a referendum question on Indigenous recognition that could weaken his authority. Listen to Praveen Menon on what comes next for Australia and NZ after setbacks for indigenous rights.

Business heir Daniel Noboa won Ecuador’s presidential election, vowing to rebuild the South American country, which is struggling with a weak economy and rising crime and violence.

Small donors have responded to Donald Trump’s legal problems by showering money on his presidential campaign, helping him roughly match the fundraising pace of Democratic President Joe Biden who is seeking re-election, according to disclosures.
  • The Israeli-Hamas war has sharpened focus on rising geopolitical risks for financial markets, as investors wait to see if the conflict draws in other countries with the potential to drive up oil prices further and deal a fresh blow to the world economy.
  • Global finance leaders’ paralysis in addressing the fallout from the Hamas attack and Israel’s response exposed deep geopolitical divisions hampering the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
  • Record debts, high interest rates, the costs of climate change, health and pension spending as populations age and fractious politics are stoking fears of a financial market crisis in big, developed economies.
  • Ineos Chair Jim Ratcliffe would pay over $1.5 billion for a 25% stake in Manchester United were his bid for the iconic soccer club to be accepted by the Glazer family that controls it, a person familiar with the matter said.
  • South Korea is targeting firms building Taiwan navy submarines, citing the risk of Chinese economic retaliation. Amid rising military tensions with China, Taiwan unveiled its first homegrown submarine last month.
  • European Union countries’ climate ministers meet to decide the bloc’s negotiating position for this year’s COP28 summit – but they are still split over some key issues, like how hard to push for a global deal to phase out fossil fuels.
  • Rite Aid filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a move that would halt lawsuits the drugstore chain is facing over its alleged role in the US opioid crisis and named a new CEO.

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