Fashion Taboo At “The Young Pope” Venice Film Festival.

On September 3, “The Young Pope”, a new TV series was unveiled at the Venice Film Festival.

The world premier event was held in Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido di Venezia.

Wondering who they are?

Set in the modern-day, The Young Pope is a drama which centers on a manipulative and troublemaker Pope, determined to upset the establishment.

Law plays the young and charming Lenny Belardo, aka Pius XIII, whose election might seem the result of a simple and effective media strategy by the College of Cardinals.

But, appearances can be deceiving. Inside the Vatican, the mysterious and contradictory Pius XIII is at once shrewd and naive, old-fashioned and very modern, doubtful and resolute, ironic, hurt and ruthless.

As Jude walks the long path of human loneliness to find a God for mankind, he’s also seeking one for himself.

Now, here comes the attraction for the day.

Among those in attendance were Guilia Salemi and Dayane Mello.

The beautiful models left nothing to our imagination, in their X-rated “bridals”. A look at the photographer’s face on the right side of the picture, says it all.

It’s not about the ample cleavage unleashed, a closer look reveals some visibly tacky bikini lines that didn’t help matters at the event.

You might want to say something about their outfits.

Image: Dayane Mello

Image: Dayane Mello

She appeared to realise her dress had fallen open

Image: Dayane Mello

The pair were left red-faced as they bared almost everything that’s meant to be hidden, during the TV screening.

Giulia also showed off some very embarrassing tan lines

Image: Guilia Salemi

Giulia left very little to the imagination in her revealing dress

Image: Guilia Salemi

Image: Guilia Salemi

Not her best look: Unfortunately, the fact she sported a visible bikini tan line didn't help matters and ultimately appeared rather tacky

Image: Guilia Salemi

Would you rather call it a wardrobe malfunction?

Dayane looked stunning in an extravagant pink gown

Image: Dayane Mello

The two Italian models sure had a fun-filled day giving men heart-attacks.

The girls both suffered wardrobe malfunctions

Guilia Salemi and Dayane Mello.

The first two episodes of Paulo Sorrentino’s hotly anticipated new TV series stars Jude Law as the fictional first American pontiff in history.

Image shows Guilia Salemi (orange gown) and Dayane Mello (pink gown).

centre of attention: The actor delighted fans by posing for selfies 

Image: Jude Law