Is Trump really the worst president in U.S. history?

Unlike every other president, Trump refused to divest himself of his business interests or put his financial holdings in a blind trust. This means he knows how his actions as president have a direct impact on his personal financial investments.

Walter Shaub Jr., the director of the US Office of Government Ethics tried to get President Trump to divest his business interests to avoid such conflicts but Trump refused.

Shaub saw so many ethics violations and conflicts of interest that he ultimately resigned in protest.

Trump has profited greatly from his presidency like no other president before him. After he became president, Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort doubled its membership fees. The White house has promoted Melania’s jewelry line and Ivanka’s line of clothing. During the 2016 election, Trump made millions of dollars when he charged his campaign for use of Trump Tower, Trump’s airplane and Trump’s restaurants.

Foreign Influence Buying Scandal

Government officials and businesses from many foreign countries have increasingly chosen to rent office space or stay at Trump owned hotels since Donald Trump became president.

Since, unlike previous presidents, Trump has refused to divest himself from his business interests, he financially benefits directly from every foreign country and foreign owned business that rents his properties. This is the worst possible type of conflict of interest for a President of the United States.

Trump’s Highly Questionable Mental State

Trump alternates between being a ruthless bully, who uses the office of the president to attack, smear and ridicule people on a daily basis, to a self-pitying crybaby who is constantly whining about how his political opponents, the media or the courts are treating him.

Most US presidents learn to grow a thick skin and ignore much of the criticism aimed at them, but Donald Trump is so incredibly thin skinned that he has to attack anyone who even mildly criticizes him, whether it’s the parents of a soldier who died in service to his country, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico discussing the speed of the relief efforts, or a celebrity who makes a joke about him on TV. Trump’s petty childishness seems to have no end. He frequently pounds out angry Tweets in the middle of the night over minor comments by celebrities.

His Odd Obsession with the Size of his Hands

Years ago a magazine editor referred to Donald Trump as a “Short fingered vulgarian”. Afterward Trump often sent the editor pictures of himself torn from magazines with circles drawn around his hands and the words “see, not so short” written next to them.

After hearing about this, Senator Marco Rubio joked about how small Trump’s hands were. Trump couldn’t let it go. “Look at those hands. Are they small hands? And he referred to my hands – if they’re small something else must be small. I guarantee there’s no problem. I guarantee it.”

His Constant Self-Congratulation Indicates Narcissistic Personality Disorder

To hear Trump talk, everything he does is always the best, the most, the tallest, the smartest. He said he had the biggest election victory since Reagan (it wasn’t). He often claims his book was the biggest selling book of all time (It wasn’t even in the top 100). He constantly tweets that he has had the most successful presidency of any president, EVER.

About terrorism, “I know more about ISIS than the Generals, believe me.” He had the “largest crowd in inaugural history”. His golf course is “the best resort in the country”. “I would build a great wall – and nobody builds better walls than me, believe me.” “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created, believe me.” On the day the World Trade Center fell in 2001, Trump bragged that his Trump Tower was now the tallest building in New York.