Is Justin Bieber Really A Loser?

Pop singer Justin Bieber was a lucky guy to have dated this beauty Yovanna Ventura back in 2014.

The Miami-based fit model was caught enjoying life as she hit the beach in St Barts on Saturday putting on a cushy yellow bikini top. With 2.8 million Instagram followers and counting, this dark haired beauty is at the top of her game and no where near stopping.

Love Yourself: She dated pop sensation Justin Bieber in 2014 and Yovanna Ventura showed just what caught his eye when she hit the beach in St Barts on Saturday

It was good to the eyes as the 20-year-old struggled to contain her ample assets, frolicking in the sea with a mystery male playing a part that should have been Justin’s. 

The picture below shows Ventura and Bieber in one of their romantic moments back then in 2014. 

Not meant to be: Pictured with the pop sensation on Instagram in 2014

The past notwithstanding, the brunette beauty is moving forward with her life.

She threw caution to the winds in a way that could still get Justin mad as she balanced her sunglasses, threw her arms around the man while giving him a million kisses.

As it seemed, Ventura is deeply in love with the new-found flame.

The best part of her chosen outfit is the thong which disappeared between her posterior as if scared of salt water, or simply giving way for photographers to catch what’s on display. Good thinking, babe.

Other than her love of modeling and fitness, Yovanna Ventura is extremely passionate about rescuing and helping animals; big or small.

Yovanna has worked to protect big cats at the Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation to Miami area adoption centers such as Urgent Dogs of Miami and the Miami-Dade Animal Service.

She gained public recognition for her friendship with Justin Bieber though she has been linked with Floyd Mayweather on few occasions.

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Ventura partying with Justin Bieber.

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