INSTA-MONEY: Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo make millions from sponsored Instagram posts

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Kylie Jenner’s estimated net worth of $900 million guaranteed her spot as the youngest entrepreneur on Forbe’s list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women in July 2018, and for every sponsored message she puts up on Instagram, that’s probably worth a million dollars.

Jenner’s remarkable achievement is not an outcome of her roles in the popular TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians but a compensation for her business acumen, huge investment and commitment to Kylie Cosmetics, her blossoming beauty/fashion accessories company.

The social media-driven popularity and a follower-base of 112.5 million Instagram followers, makes Jenner’s one of the biggest influencers on the picture-sharing website, followed by singer Selena Gomez and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jenner is widely acknowledged as Instagram’s highest paid celebrity, with an estimated $1 million earned from every post she shared on the social media platform.

According to the 2018 Instagram Rich List, Gomez gets $800,000 for each sponsored post while Juventus forward Ronaldo smiles to the bank with $750,000. This compilation from Hopper HQ projects newer addition of “breakout celebrities” to a growing list of stars in the $1b influencer market.

Mike Bander, co-founder of Hopper HQ, told CNBC’s Make It that influencer marketing is a trend that will stick around for decades. The number of influencers is also expected to multiply by 2019, with millions paid out to social media active celebs.

His words: ‘People have all seen or even responded to influencer marketing one way or the other–whether they know it or not.

‘We thought it would be interesting to explore the inner workings of the marketing channel, celebrate the growth of the industry and inspire those who want to be influencers.’

Bander admits he is impressed with Jenner’s massive earnings from sponsored posts.

‘Going by industry standards, everyone knows it’s not easy to bag a million dollars from just one post…Getting paid anything near $1 million is eye-wateringly high,’ he added.

Kim Kardashian West ($720,000) and Beyoncé Knowles ($700,000) came third and fourth respectively on Forbes’s 2018 Instagram Rich List. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is 6th with $650,000.

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