Incredible! What you didn’t know about Mother Volga

Mother Volga’s statue stands tall in Rybinsk, Russia, but there’s a lot to know about her.

She gracefully stands with outstretched arms on a piece of land located on the reservoir side entrance and very close to the gates at Rybinsk dam.

The huge reservoir is arguably, the largest in Russia.

Mother Volga: A Tour of Europe's Longest River

A closer look at Mother Volga shows she has a document in her other hand while a bird flies at her feet. The piece of paper represents her plans for the lock.

Words of Lenin which reads, “Communism is the power of the Soviets plus electrification,” are engraved on the foot of the statue.

Mother Volga: A Tour of Europe's Longest River

First mentioned by chroniclers in 1071, Rybinsk is one of the oldest settlements built on the Volga River, and the second-largest city of Russia’s Yaroslavl Region today.

Mother Volga: A Tour of Europe's Longest River

While the city of Yaroslavl was founded in early 11th century by the legendary Prince Yaroslav the Wise, traces of ancient settlements discovered within the city limits suggest that people settled in that area as early as during the fifth millennium B.C.

The system of dams on the Volga have provided electricity to vast areas around the location although there are increasing concerns over the years that the historical monument has suffered greatly due to pollution and ecological damages.

May 20 is observed in Russia annually as the Volga Day as residents. On this day, residents troop out en masse from the cities, towns and villages located along the Volga River, to pay tribute to this majestic waterway.

Mother Volga displays a stylish white forelock, courtesy of the local gulls.

The Volga is the longest river in Russia and in Europe on the whole.

It holds a special significance for the people of Russia as many of the country’s oldest and populous cities are located the banks of Volga.

‘Mother’ Volga’s place in every Russian heart is assured and celebrated in the famous song of the Volga boatmen, “Mighty stream so deep and wide, Volga, Volga, our pride.”