Important tips to consider for generating quality leads from LinkedIn


– Build a strong presence on LinkedIn.
– Engage in groups that your users are a part of.
– Publish regular posts that garner the attention of your audience.
– Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Use relevant keywords in the profile description that your potential users must be searching for.
– Tell your LinkedIn audience how a specific use case is handled through your product and how they will benefit from the same.

Content marketing remains one of the top challenges of digital marketing as every online presence is competing with each other for content. 

To build effective and engaging content, it’s important to generate fresh and unique content. The major challenge of content marketing is how to guide readers from consuming information to reaching their end goal. 

Start your podcast channel, webinar show, active social media accounts, and more. The different channels where your brand is present can be used effectively to generate new content.

For example, if you have a podcast or a webinar channel for your brand, this is how you can generate engaging content.

a) Create blog posts talking about the guest speaker and the discussion around it, and make sure to tag them on their social media handles. Your tagged posts would reach all the contributors and they would be happy to promote their mentions too.

– Insert Speaker’s quote or lines in your blogs and give due credits. Quotes have the power to grab user’s attention. 

– Be organic in what you post about. Every webinar or podcast you do for your brand will have your opinions included in some way or the other. Get natural and focus on user’s problems and propose solutions for the same. 

b) Mail these resources to guest speakers and ask for a mention about the blog on their website with a link to your domain.

The new marketing channels would serve different audience segments and cover a broad user base at once. You can also generate interactive content like dropping questions for your user base to answer. Collecting their opinions, facts, and more. And, finally publishing it linking to all the contributors.

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