I was called by Christ (Bible study for kids)

Dr. Bruce Banner was just a plain man until a gamma bomb made his anger turn him into the Hulk.! His inner anger changed what he looked like.  He became super strong and….super GREEN!

There is a man in the Bible that was also super strong and looked different from others too! He wasn’t green, but he had super long hair. His name was Samson.  Samson was set apart as a child to live a life for God.  Among other things, he was not to cut his hair.  He was what they called a Nazarite.

LOOK IT UP:  Judges 13:3-5 and Judges 16:26-30

From the time he was born, Samson was set apart for a purpose.  God would use him to save His people, the Israelites, from the Philistines.  Samson made mistakes in his life, but when Samson turned back to God and called to Him, God answered and gave Samson strength to fulfill his purpose.

THINK ABOUT:  What are some ways God is using you or can use you right now in your life?  What things are you good at?  What are some things you really like to do?  Those aren’t be accident!  God can use them – sports, being friendly, good at math, taking care of pets, etc.

REMEMBER: God has a purpose and plan for your life too! You have been called and set apart for His good work! There may be times you mess up or sin against God. God promises if we turn back to Him and ask Him to forgive us, He will.  Then He can use us again for His special plans for us!

PRAY: Thank Jesus for being with you!  Thank Him that He has an incredible plan and purpose for your life!  If you need to ask Him for forgiveness, do that now. Thank Him that He never gives up on you!  He is for you & with you!