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Indira Levine, who has become a famous activist for exercising and healthy living since presenting her pitiable life story to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is advising everyone to avoid sedentary behavior and live longer.

Levine’s health problems started ten years ago. Her weight was 336 pounds and she never exercised for a minute in her life. Her sedentary lifestyle turned out a huge threat when she had to depend on her inhaler to survive.

‘I couldn’t do anything without my inhaler…I went everywhere with it because going up a flight of steps was a very big challenge,’ she told HHS.

‘I was often out of breath after walking a few steps…My life revolved around relaxing at home, cooking and watching TV—nothing else.’

She continued, ‘I was clueless on what to do or how to save myself from imminent death…I have to blame it on the environment I grew up in—none of the people around me ever worked out or ran 5 kilometers. I simply didn’t know how to stay active.’

Levine said those around her, especially her mom, showed concern for the bad habits.

‘Just before my mother died, we had a hearty talk…She advised me lose some weight and stay active. “You’re still very young to be this heavy,” she said.’

Levine revealed her mother’s encouragement really helped. ‘She asked me to do whatever it takes to stay active.’

According to HHS, Levine hopes more people in the U.S. and all over the world can learn from her life story and improve on physical activities which she described as a life-saving decision.

In November 2018, the U.S. agency released its second edition of the “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans,” noting that the stakes for personal health are high. However, it appears most people are yet to heed Levine’s advice.

Interestingly, Levine braced up for a positive impact after her mother’s passing. She moved to Florida with a passion to make significant changes in her life.

‘I drew inspiration from the Florida’s warm weather and active, outdoor lifestyle,’ she said, remarking that her major challenge was how to start. Her best option was to work with a personal trainer.

Her words: ‘What I learned from this is that, sometimes, you really need to ask for help because when you’re determined and there’s no positive outcome after a couple of tries, it becomes human to lose interest.’

Levine, who currently works as a TV news photographer, said the help from a personal trainer was inspiring although results took time. Nine years after her mother’s death, she lost 140 pounds and amassed a lot of muscle.

‘It’s unimaginable how I eventually fell in love with exercising…It transformed my life.’

She continued, ‘It’s hard and should be seen as a process of learning how to stay active…Don’t give up if results aren’t achieved immediately. If I can do it, you can certainly do even more.’

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