How to celebrate small wins

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With all this in mind, it is the small wins we achieve that need to be acknowledged and appreciated for what they are. Motivation is a huge factor of whether or not we succeed, and being able to reward ourselves and celebrate small wins is the key. Here’s how to harness the power of small wins.

1. Break Large Goals Down Into Smaller Goals

You don’t want to focus on the bigger picture, as tempting as that can be. Make sure you create small, achievable goals that will allow you to see your progress more clearly, as these small successes will help you feel good with each little step.

When faced with a large goal, our minds can slip into the habit of procrastination. Smaller goals can help avoid this.

2. Reward Yourself

Think about what you enjoy the most, and do this each time you complete a step. This could be anything from treating yourself to your favorite coffee or even taking a trip somewhere. Having something to look forward to trains the brain into creating motivation.

3. Don’t Pressure Yourself

Putting strict deadlines on your goals can lead to potential feelings of failure, even when there are small victories along the way. Be flexible with your time limits, and this will increase your happiness and motivation as you celebrate small wins.

4. Track Your Progress

Writing down or tracking your progress will remind you of how far you’ve come in achieving your goal. Sometimes, we can give up because we are unaware of how close we are to success and forget how much we’ve done. Write down all the small wins, as seeing them written down can be a reward in itself.


5. Change Your Perspective

When we focus too much on the end goal, it can seem too far away to get to. Try thinking of it not as climbing a huge mountain, but descending one with perhaps a few nice restaurants (rewards) to stop off at and relax on the way down. Enjoying your incremental progress in this way will make long-term goals feel easier to achieve in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to celebrate small wins is key if you want to keep up your motivation while pursuing your goals. Each time you mark off a milestone, find a way to celebrate, whether it’s adding a star to that day on your calendar, treating yourself to a special meal, or going out with a friend. Goals are hard work, and you deserve a treat as you work toward them.